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Faradise Islands

The natural beauty and calmness of Red Sea Islands that captures your breath exploring the underwater world.  The islands have attracted artists’ attention, specially the beauty of the coral reefs and fishes.

 weekend tour itinerary

first day (Thursday)

  • 18:30    Depart from Dammam/20:40 arrival to Gizan
  • 21:35     Depart from Jeddah/ 23:00 arrival to Gizan.
  • 20:55    Depart from Riyadh/22:30 arrival to Gizan.
  •                transfer to hotel for overnight.

second day (Friday)

  • 05:30    breakfast
  • 07:00    sail in ferry to Farasan islands
  • 08:30    sail in boats to explore the magical Faradise island for snorkeling, enjoy the beauty of the island, fishing, and more water activities.
  • 13:00     lunch at the island that includes catches from the sea.
  • 16:00     open time for water activities and exploring beautiful coral reefs.
  • 18:00     return to Farasan island
  • 19:00     dinner and overnight

Third day (Saturday)

  • 06:00     breakfast
  • 07:00     sail to visit the mangrove forest and snorkilling
  • 10:00     return to Farsan island
  • 11:00      visit to AlGassar traditional village and AlRefai house
  • 13:00      lunch at the hotel
  • 14:30      sail back to Gizan (on Ferry)
  • 16:00      arrive to Gizan port
  • 17:00      visit to Gizan cultural village
  • 19:15      Depart from Gizan/ 19:40 arrival to Riyadh
  • 19:15      Depart from Riyadh/21:10 arrival to Dammam
  • 19:40     Depart from Gizan/19:05o arrival to Jeddah

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Faradise Islands Reviewed by on . The natural beauty and calmness of Red Sea Islands that captures your breath exploring the underwater world.  The islands have attracted artists' attention, spe The natural beauty and calmness of Red Sea Islands that captures your breath exploring the underwater world.  The islands have attracted artists' attention, spe Rating: 0

Comments (11)

  • kholood

    First , I would like to thank (Amazing Tours) for giving me this wondrful opprotunity and for the qualified arrangements . The trip to farasn islands was the most spectacular trip I ever had in my life .the stunning natural beauty left me brith taken . I have enjoyed snorkeling for the first time in my life , frankly I didnt want to come out of the water .thanks again Amazing tours for this unforgettable experience ….Kholood.

  • Lizelle

    What a AMAZING trip!! Day one flying to Gizan…Gizan looking like a very dusty, old little town…I thought…oh my, this will not be a good trip. We stayed in a stunning hotel in Gizan. Next morning woke up at the break of dawn to take the ferry. Standing of on the stairs of the hotel…we could see the beautiful ocean. The ferry trip was a rush…literally since we almost missed it. Getting to Farasan the gloomy feeling was still lurking. Ushered to our new hotel…we ended up staying in little bungalows on the beach…which looked idyllic and like in the movies with the palm trees, umbrellas and beach under your feet . NO MORE Saudi desert. We quickly got changed… dressed in swimming gear and went to meet our boat. This is where the time of my life began…private islands with not another boat or person in site…untouched miles of beaches with sea shells as big as your head….coral and fish so untouched by human disaster as you will ever find again. We snorkelled… chasing the little Nemo’s and Dori’s around. We were swimming with sea turtles and Meteb and one of the sailors even went diving after some of them. I have been to Thailand and Europe for snorkelling…but this have surpassed all expectations of beauty and nature. We had a lunch cooked by the sailors…fish caught by a man on our tour with delicious bread and vegetables… all prepared on the island next door while we were splashing around. We slept in the hotel that night …comfy beds with Saudi showers! None of us wanted to leave…since this was a place that a person can only dream about and here it came true. We were a small but awesome group of people from all over the world…some fisher men,some beach walkers and some snorkelers. On our trip back we were almost relieved to hear we missed the boarding time for our plane…since it meant that we could stay longer. BUT…like always…it was superman Meteb to the rescue…and we were allowed on the plane. What a amazing, unforgettable place!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • celiamendes

    Since I arrived Saudi Arabia that I wanted to visit Farasan Islands. I heard from my friends that it was an amazing place to visit but I wasn´t expecting what I found there. Beautiful islands, with marvellous beaches and all kind os blue in the sea! It was priceless to enjoy the nature and the company of new friends, to see the fishermen caught the fish and cooked it for us and have lunch and dinner at the seashore. And it was magical to see all the stars in the sky and in the night sea at the some time the fire burns and the oud music plays. I wish I can return there before I leave Saudi!

  • mackmoyer

    I have done quite a few trips with Meteb around Saudi Arabia and this was one that I was looking forward to A LOT!! and the Farasan Islands did not disappoint. I couldn’t believe I was in the same country when we arrived. these isolated and empty islands in the middle of the Red Sea are just so beautiful. and if you manage to do the trip during a clear night, the sky is stunning with all the stars!!

    Also the service provided by Amazing Tours was top notch!! Meteb did a very good job at organizing everything. the hotels were great, the guides were fun and helpful, and the food was fresh and tasty!! the local guide even went spear fishing and caught our dinner and cooked it for us on the beach.

    without a doubt I recommend this trip to anyone interested in seeing more of Saudi Arabia. I strongly encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and explore this vast country rich with history and culture. Jizan/Farasan Islands is a great place to start…you won’t be disappointed!!!

  • Andy Conder

    Meteb is not the only person who can arrange a trip to the islands. He does, however, make the best arrangements. Having been on other of his trips previously, I jumped at the opportunity of going with him to Farasan, one of the final destinations I needed to see in Saudi Arabia.
    Meteb has a great network of people, so it’s pretty much guaranteed you will enjoy the company, even if you have not met anyone else that’s on the trip. He is constantly thinking how can something be better, whether it’s going to a different diving spot or island due to weather/mosquitoes/other tourists/whatever. He is very guest oriented, and just wants people to have the best experience that can be offered.
    The islands themselves are stunning, and the idea is to spend as much time on the deserted ones and as little time on the mainland. Meteb arranges the boats to be out all day (not just a few hours, like other operators) so you really feel like you have had a holiday, not just a quick trip.
    Meteb makes sure he gets to know the accommodation and restaurants before you stay/eat there; all part of his dedication to the best travel experience.
    A trip with Amazing Tours is a trip you will be glad you took – book it now!

  • Makki

    I have done several trips with Meteb and amazing tours and I cannot recommend them enough. We have seen many parts of Saudi Arabia that not even the Saudi know about, and Farasan islands is no exception. It doesn’t feel like we’re in Saudi on the islands. It feels like “faradise”. With the clear turquoise waters and clean white sands. as well as greenery , beautiful beaches, and beaches to boot. An added bonus is Meteb’s great organising skills and his ability to organise local experts to have us see some gazelles, spear fishing and cooking, and general amazeballs

  • carolt

    I made already seven trips with Meteb/Amazing Tours! I really enjoyed every single trip soso so much,but this one to Farasan Islands was the best experience I ever made!
    Crystal clear blue-turquise water…small and bigger islands…sea turtels…pure nature…!
    It was like an escape to paradise….I totally forgot that Im in KSA.
    I would do this trip again!!!

  • Barbora

    Trip to Farasan islands was my first one with Meteb/Amazing Tours and for sure not the last one. I would highly recommend it for everyone who wants to explore Saudi Arabia with prossional and well organised company. Meteb is one of the kindest people I have ever met, not just him but all his guides were friendly and very helpful. Farasan islans are amazing, beautiful, untouched location … I will never forget many moments from this trip … the starry night sky, bioluminescent plankton, a sea in all shades of blue, beautiful corrals full of life, enormous shells on every step, amazing sunset … all just for us as there were no other tousists … loved it! :)

  • AnneKlomp

    After our trip to the stunning tombs of Maddin Saleh with Meteb/Amazing Tours last year, we were eager to explore more of Saudi Arabia. Farasan Islands was our next favorite destination and surely it did not disappoint. The islands were mesmerizing, the coral reefs the most beautiful we have ever seen, the food delicious and the organization by Meteb was again perfect. I can only confirm all the positive comments above. Saudi Arabia has so many beautiful places to discover and in my opinion there is no better tour operator to do this with than Amazing Tours. Already scrolling through the website to see were we would like to go next!

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