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Al-Ula, Maddin Saleh, Al-Hijr

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A picture paints a thousand words, that is clear in Al-Ula; where the imaginary unfolds amid formations of tranquil desert atmosphere, with towering mountain ranges sending across a silver glow. The place once inhabited by the ancient masters of humanity, engraving an exceptional world wonder masterpiece. Visit MaddinSaleh and travel deep into Ancient Arabian history.

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First day (Friday)

  • ..:..  fly to Medina.
  • ..:.. arrive to Maddina then drive to AlUla (340km from Maddina city).
  • 08:00 drive to AlUla (340km from Maddina city).
  • 12:00 check in AlArac hotel, lunch and rest.
  • 14:00 visit to MaddinSaleh and Ottoman rail way station.
  • 18:30 dinner at old Alula.
  • 20:00 return to hotel.

Second day (Saturday)

  • 06:00 desert trip to see the beauty of AlUla rosy mountains and visit AlRagassat “the Dancers Mountains” + breakfast.
  • 10:00 visit to Harrah Owairith and see the beauty of AlUla from one of the highest points.
  • 11:00 visit to the lion tombs “Dedan ancient city”
  • 12:00 lunch at date palm farm.
  • 13:00 return to hotel for rest.
  • 15:00 hotel check out.
  • 15:30 drive to Maddina airport.
  • 23:50 return to Dammam.
  • (Saturday) 01:40 arrival to Dammam and end of trip.


Fees = per person (difference in fees is only based on flight rates from your region) Price includes = transportation + licensed tour guide + accommodation

Al-Ula, Maddin Saleh, Al-Hijr Reviewed by on .   [gallery link="file" columns="6" orderby="rand" ids="62,64,68,889,887,882"] A picture paints a thousand words, that is clear in Al-Ula; where the imagina   [gallery link="file" columns="6" orderby="rand" ids="62,64,68,889,887,882"] A picture paints a thousand words, that is clear in Al-Ula; where the imagina Rating: 0

Comments (7)

  • gkvanrij

    I was in the Al Ula Madinah Saleh tour of 14/15 February 2014. I enjoyed it very much. Well organized, a good hotel and an amazing mix of interesting and beautiful places. I hope to join some other trips in the future.
    Gert van Rij

  • petermanson

    The February trip to Mada’in Saleh was incredible, and incredibly well-organized. Amazing Tours lives up to its name and is an excellent way to see the Mada’in Saleh area.

    Pete Manson

  • pippaclarke

    I was on the Maddin saleh trip April 11-13 and very much enjoyed it. It was so good to get a sense of ancient history of this country and to be able to relax and be taken to different places without having to worry about how to get there and where to stay. The hotel was delightful and I could easily have stayed longer in the area. All together a well organised and enjoyable trip.

  • hadgetja

    This is the second trip I’ve done with Meteb and again had a fabulous time. Meteb embodies all that is good about Saudi Arabia, he clearly loves his country and is proud to share his heritage and the natural wonders. He puts together incredible packages that cover as much as is humanly possible in a weekend, and we get to see what many don’t even know exist and enjoy picnics in wonderful settings. I cant recommend Amazing Tours highly enough. Thank you Meteb and your local crews for giving me a glimpse into the history and nature of Saudi Arabia and its people.

  • Helenpb

    My husband and I went on the April 11-12 trip to Mada’in Saleh, and it was delightful, except for having to leave for the airport at 2:30 a.m. Everything was organized well and happened like clockwork. Meteb was a great and informative tour guide and sensitive to people’s needs, and he showed us a most fascinating part of Saudi Arabia. I had some doubts about the hotel, but in fact it was quite nice, and I’d stay there again. This is one trip well worth taking, and I would highly recommend it with Amazing Tours, because as Lonely Planet says, if you can see only one thing in Saudi Arabia, make it Mada’in Saleh.

  • Stefanos

    While on a short visit to Saudi Arabia, we managed to get on the April 11-12 to Al Ulla and Madain Saleh (thanks to Meteb’s resourcefulness we managed to get on alternate flights and join the main group). We are grateful for that, since it was a delightful trip, and Meteb is a great organizer and both he and his crew have a heartfelt desire to share Saudi history, culture and nature. In a country where tourism is not developed, Amazing Tours is a rare find… We could have spend more than two days on that trip, and would certainly try to get on another amazing tour if we come back..

  • harbhs0d

    My Trip to this place was one of the places i dreamed to visit and it was more than beautiful.
    Thank you Amazing tour for the well arrange schedule and hospitality.

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